Copying a sheet with relative reference formula also changes the "source" sheet into the formula


i’m using LibreOffice beta2 locale gr in win xp (sp3).


In the attached file when i’m trying to copy sheet 2 into the same spreadsheet and put it in the end of the document, the formula in the cell A1 of the new sheet is changing from,

=VLOOKUP(B1;Φύλλο1.A1:C4;2) to =VLOOKUP(B1;Φύλλο2.A1:C4;2)

Is this the right behavior? In a relative reference are sheets also changing or only the cells of the formula?

To copy the sheet i right click in the name of the sheet and choose move/copy…

  • “Φύλλο” in Greek means Sheet.


Also the sheet is a relative reference here, prefix it with a $ to make it an absolute reference when copying across sheets. =VLOOKUP(B1;$Φύλλο1.A1:C4;2)