Copying styles between diagrams

Hi all,

I’m attempting to create a template from an existing “drawing” document for future use in LibreOffice I see this article apparently covers how to copy styles between documents, however there’s a slight problem.

When I click on the “New Style From Selection” button pictured below, I get the dialogue box on the right. This seems to be the way regardless of how long I hold the button down for (I tried for over 30 seconds), no submenu is offered.

Styles and Formatting dialogue, and the window that pops up

What is the new procedure for doing this?

In Draw you cannot import styles like you can in Writer.

In Draw you only can create an object with the the way you want it and then save this style via the “New Style from Selection”.

Keeping the button pressed down for long time does give you another menu.

May I propose you file an enhancement request here: and post the bug number here for others to add comments.

Hi - You can get quickly enough styles like this: copy a formatted object from the existing document then
in the “target” document,

  1. Display styles (Sidebar, F11, Format…)
  2. Edit> Paste Special, choose “Drawing Format”
  3. Click and hold the object until its edges flash.
  4. Drag the object to the style window, give the name of the style, that’s it.

keep the left mouse button pressed between steps 3 and 4…

That seemed to do the trick. A lot easier than trying to do it by hand (there were about half a dozen styles).

Many thanks, that just saved me hours.