Correct way to exclude names in spellchecker


What is the proper way to exclude names from being spellchecked every time? I am aware of the method of marking every occurrence of a name in the text and setting “language” to “none”. This is a manual and tedious process though.

Adding the names to the dictionary doesn’t seem the right solution, since they are not words and also I don’t want to have the names of people I write about in my dictionary file. Using “ignore all” seems to only work until I close the document and then I get asked the same question on every spellcheck anew.

Any ideas? How do you do it?


Afaik - there is no other way than to add to your dictionary. If you have any concerns related to privacy and/or security, assure that you (resp. your account) are the only one havimng permissions to read or modify the standard.dic. This needs to be done on the OS level.

… setting “language” to “none” … is … tedious

It is not so tedious if you create a dedicated character style and assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

names … are not words

Eh, what?!

I don’t want to have the names of people I write about in my dictionary file.

Then you have two mutually contradictory wishes. Thus, what is the point of asking?

Thanks for both answers!

@anon73440385: I feared that this would be the case…

@gabix: Why I say that I don’t want the names in the system dictionary: As I use libreoffice for work and have to keep my clients confidential (unlike normal words), I would prefer not to save them in the default dictionary. What I had hoped for was that maybe it would be possible that libreoffice stores the ignored words (from the spellcheck) in the document itself.

The keyboard shortcuts make things easier, but nevertheless I have to do this every single time for every name, unlike e.g. “ignore all”.

Hope my question is a bit clearer now.

would prefer not to save them in the default dictionary.

Your own entries into a dictionary do not go to the default dictionary, but into a dictionary located in your user profile directory - just to make that fact clear, since my gut feeling tells me, that you have the idea everyone was able to see any entry you made into that dictionary. That’s the background of my advice, to set proper permissions. In that sense I agree with @gabix. since if you write names into documents, then there are two places .- the document and the dictionary on both depend an the security setting of your perseonal storage / directories.

Just bumping up this topic as I find it quite annoying and quite illogical:

If technically possible, names should not be spell checked!

It is strange to ask users to add names to their dictionary, wherever this dictionaries are stored. Can one find any names in the physical, paper based dictionary (except maybe very notable persons)?

One can have an English document containing names from any country, so it shouldn’t be even tried to have “all known” names defined in the speller.
It would better to simply detect when a word starts with capital letter and is in the middle of sentence, or similar.

Obviously all of the above are imho.

Best regards!

Sadly not all Languages are written only with Letters in lower Case. So this simple Approach would be sufficient for the english Language, where we also don’t need Umlauts, Accents and therefore could skip also Unicode-Letters.

(I used the Writing of my Language to illustrate the Problem for some international Users. And there are bigger Problems for other Languages waiting.)

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