Correcting text replaces the character before it

When I use LibreOfficer Writer, I like to go back and change how sentences flow. However, I can’t do that without it replacing the character before it, be that a space or a letter I didn’t want replaced. Is there a way to turn off this feature or am I doomed?

What is your operating system, LO version, and explain how you are selecting sentences? Under Linux running v4.1.2.2 navigation using CTRL+arrow seems to jump to the beginning of each word (i.e., sentence), and CTRL+SHIFT+arrow can be used to highlight and thus cut / paste the required sentence as expected.

I’m running Windows 8 and the latest version of LO. And by changing sentences I mean putting the cursor where I want in the sentence or paragraph to add or remove what I need to. Like a sentence “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”, if I left out “brown” or missed a keystroke, if I went back to put in what I left out, I’d replace everything that came after the letter before it. Not a problem if it’s at the end of the work, but Lord forbid I want to fix a typo in the middle of a work.

Thanks for providing the additional detail. It seems like the clipboard handling in Windows 8 may be different in some way from Windows 7. There are a few bugs related to win+8+paste. None seem to specifically describe the problem indicated here though. If none of these appear related, please raise a bug and include as much detail as possible so that others can repeat / confirm the problem. Include a link to this thread if you feel it helps.

Report any bug raised back here using the format “fdo#123456”. Thanks.