Correlation between sheets matching data in random rows

So I have a file with multiple sheets.
I have 2 sheets I need to correlate data between.
Not all rows of data are on each sheet. Each sheet has 1 common column (product id) (which is first column if that matters)
I need to match the Product ID (numerical) between the 2 sheets and add specific column data from sheet 2 into it’s matching row on sheet 1.
Included small example file.
Need the B & C column from the ProductsFilters sheet added to
their respective Columns in Products sheet matching the products ID column.
Exmaple.ods (12.9 KB)



pull down both Formulas

Thank you for the FAST response and it is what Im looking for.
Now Im trying to understand to get it to work on my actual file.
So for the 1st column
$A2;ProductFilters. = Column A Row 2 From Sheet ProductFilters.
$A$2: represents?
$C$9;2;0);"") represents?

So I copied over the same columns from my actual file to my sample file to test.
Out of 1715 rows of ProductsFilters it only returned 8. If it matters I have 5105 rows on Products sheet.

I got it sorted.
The 9 represents the # of lines on the ProductsFilters page (9 In my Example) So just change that to how ever many total lines are on that sheet.

Again, thanks!