Correlations Matrix in Libreoffice

I need to create a correlation matrix in Libreoffice Calc
In Excel, this is done trough the addin “Analisys Toopak” ( Producing correlation matrix - YouTube ).
In Libreoffice, I’m not sure if this is possible.

Of coures there’s a correlation funcion but it’s trully different to calc one correlation as a huge matrix.

Do anybody know is it’s possible and how to do it with Libreoffice?

In newer version of LibreOffice, you can select Data → Statistics ->Corrleation matrix. After that, you choose input and result cells.

For lasted version, I assume 4.2.4m right?
I have and can’t find this functionality.
I’ll download it and test it

Yes, I have 4.2.4 :slight_smile: Please let me know if you have solved your problem…

I would have a look for an extension.
This is the link to the Extension site of LibO: