Corrupt characters in LibreOffice 4 with Nouveau


I’m using Linux Mint 14 x64 MATE, with a NVIDIA GTX 460 graphic card and the nouveau driver. When I scroll up or down in LibreOffice 4 writer the most of the characters mess up or dissapear. The same if I select a wide zone with the mouse. If I minimize the windows and restore it characters are well displayed, but if I scroll again all mess up again. Nevertheless with LibreOffice 3.6.4 it doesn’t happen, it just happen in LibreOffice 4.

Using the NVIDIA privative drivers it is solved, but these drivers doesn’t work well with other applications I use, so using the NVIDIA privative drivers is not a solution for my problem.

How do I fix this problem in LibreOffice 4?


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Thank you qubit,

I’ve tried to do so but the LibreOffice’s bug submission assistan haven’t allowed me to choose other version nearer to release than RC, and when I’ve tried to submit my bug appeared a message that said something like “there is no RC version in this bugzilla” or something like that, after choosing RC it said that my token wasn’t valid and finally after refreshing the page the message “it seems there is a problem to connect with Bugzilla. Please try again later”. So I will have to try it out tomorrow.

Nevertheless thank you for your help. See you!

@josealb77 – That’s a know bug (re: the bug submission assistant), but I thought it had been fixed. It’s not really acceptable for us to have the bug tracker broken the day after a major release. Sorry about that. I’ll go bug some people about it.

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@josealb77 – The BSA bug is fdo#60456. As a workaround, please use this url to report your bug instead:

Thanks for being patient :slight_smile:

Thank you qubit, using the new url I’ve been able to report the bug without any problem.

Hi @josealb77,

Sorry to hear that the nouveau drivers aren’t playing nicely with LO. Please file a bug about this problem and provide all of the useful repro info you have above. The QA team will be happy to help you track down this issue!


Bug is filed as fdo#60537 - VIEWING: Corrupt characters in LibreOffice 4 with Nouveau - NEEDINFO

fdo#60537 – Status: VERIFIED WORKSFORME (v4.0.1)