Corrupt Files


I am trying to open Writer and Calc files in Linux Mint 19.2 using the latest version of LibreOffice that I downloaded from the website. I was using the repository version before now. Anyways, everything worked fine for the longest time, but then when I would open a Writer or Calc file, I would get the following error:

The file"file_name.odt" is corrupt and therefore cannot be opened. LibreOffice can try to repair the file.

The corruption could be the result of document manipulation or of structural document damage due to data transmission.

We recommend that you do not trust the content of the repaired document. Execution of macros is disabled for this document.

Should LibreOffice repair the file?

When I try to repair the file, I get the following error message:

The file, “file_name.odt” could not be repaired and therefore cannot be opened.

I eventually removed LibreOffice and installed the version from the site, but I still get the same errors. To make it worst, I tried opening the same files on my Windows 10 computer using LibreOffice and they all worked fine. Also, Word file will load in LibreOffice on my Linux computer but the files are blank. I am in the process of converting all of my Office files to LibreOffice and switching my Windows 10 computers to Linux.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.


Possibly a corrupt User Profile. Please see → LibreOffice user profile.

User profile is not touched when going from one install to another.