Corrupt update file

No matter how many times I download Update 7.1.6 I get notice of corrupt file when I try to download it. I think my current programme is 7.0.5. I am trying to download to Windows 8.1 OS.

Iff you aren’t sure about your current version, go >Help>About LibreOffice.

What download source (URL) did you use?

Try downloading 7.1.7 which is current stable version as of today and likely to cause less of a problem than

If you click Info just under the download button, you can choose a different mirror from which to download. In any event you should download the hash code from there and compare it to your download to ensure it is the same.

The list of mirrors does not give any English language sources as far as I can see.
This is what I get from Info:
"Found 43 mirrors in other countries, but same continent (EU)

You mention two problems, wrong language and corrupt download. Wrong language is easy to correct just make sure the download page shows the correct language and bit type (32 or 64 bit).
Have a look at General Installation Issues (Windows) - The Document Foundation Wiki , you have an older operating system and it might need an update from Microsoft. There are other points you might need to check too.
You do not need an interim installation.
Can you post the error message?

Have been trying all options without success:
I need a Lenovo Service Bridge to update the computer but the latest file is corrupted because of my Libre Office.
My OS Win 8.1 is updating ok.
I cleared my CC Cleaner off the system
I tried several mirrors with Bitdefender protection turned off.
Just one last time can you advise if I can continue to have access to my Libre Office files or transfer them if I
purchase Windown 10 as a solution
Thanking you again.

Are you sure you want the Win_x86 32-bit version? Anyway, compare the downloaded file by one of its checksums (SHA-256 hash, SHA-1 hash, MD5 hash) published in the 7.1.7 (here Windows (32-bit)) mirror info. If they match then your system plays tricks on you (unless it can’t install a 32-bit version at all in which case you should try the 64-bit version). If they don’t match then find out why your download gets broken no matter from where you download.

Thanks but your info is way above my head. Have no idea how to compare a downloaded file as suggested as any downloaded programme file is corrupted and will not open. Because of that I assume, as last resort, I will need to get a a new computer or a Windows 10 or both and wonder if I can get all my LibreOffice files secured/transferred to a Windows 10 programme.

Maybe the warning dialogue says that LibreOffice is using a shared file so Lenovo Service Bridge cannot install until LibreOffice is closed, or the system restarted? So just follow the defaults and allow Lenovo Service Bridge to close LO or reboot the system. Exactly what does the warning say? Text or screenshot.

From the link I gave previously, there was another link about Windows file that needs to be updated, did you see that? Was your warning something like api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer?

Maybe this question, Cannot install/uninstall Lenovo Service Bridge, on Lenovo forum is also helpful?