Could Appimages available as Basic be downloadable along with a single selected non -default language?

Hey. AppImages currently available for public from that page, are versions Basic, Standard, Full, which support as noticeable their own set of languages. Most probable case is that support is needed at most for default language (USA English) and one other supported language. Therefore user relies on one of the variants Standard, Full. With current version –6.3.0 (2019-08-08)– from Fresh branch, respective files’ sizes are in MB, 238, 276, 366, which make Standard, Full variants’ sizes respectively about 16 % and 54 % larger than the Basic variant. At a worldwide scope, it causes transfers of a huge amount of unwanted data, wasted then, from those foundation’s servers dedicated to that task to the clients’ devices. Then the larger a file containing a needed non-default language is –in my case, Finnish –, which consequently has to be downloaded, the worse is the case.

As a solution that would at last end that waste of use related to transfers, it came to my mind, to list on that page all non-default languages, applying to applications’ interfaces and eventually spell-checkings to be downloadable as individual files, which have small sizes compared to the one of the Basic version. Such solution would have to be implemented in such a way that makes the site to an administrator easy to maintain.

This question would have to be asked to the developer/maintainer/s of the appimage/s.

Which fortunatly is part of this site.
i’ll tag him and see if he’ll respond.

@Antonio Faccioli