Could you CMIS wise download files from e.g. Alfresco?

In the demos, you see people open LibreOffice and then configure the Alfresco repository to open the file. Would it be possible to open the file from your CMIS-compliant server, be it Alfresco, Drupal, Google Docs, … and immediately be able to check it out when you open it in LibreOffice? Would it require just to put the parameters of the server in the file (e.g. the first time you open it in LibreOffice) or would you foresee a special protocol?

Hi @Josse,

Just to be clear – are you asking if the information about the CMIS server could be stored in the metadata of the file? So (for example), you could email the file to someone, and when they opened it the file would automatically sync with the server and check it out for them?

This would be a nice solution to the problem. The problem is that when you download a file now (or get it by email), you have to look up the Alfresco path again while it could be in the file. I think other solutions use a specific protocol for this instead of metadata, but I kind of like the metadata solution. It might only get a little bit difficult when the file is in multiple CMIS stores, but then again, it could get overwritten.