Could you please add a proper Dark Mode for macOS? Or am I missing out something ...?

On macOS there is a dark mode since Mojave (2018), in Windows also for years, all major programs are adding a dark mode, but LibreOffice still is lacking this very basic feature!
Please dont answer, that with changing “Application Colors” one could have the similar outcome - this obviously is not true, mayor parts of the LibreOffice GUI still are in brighter grey colors.
Please also don´t regard this as some `minor design thing´, because when you are working for hours on a text, also in the evening or night, it makes a HUGE difference !
I certanly know, this is not only true for my usage case, but also for many others (just google libreoffice & dark mode / dark theme …).
My workaround for this reason was to buy NeoOffice (as others I know), which has this feature - but its not updated within the last half year, and wondering whether LibreOffice did change in the last 2 years, I downloaded version 6.4.4 as well as Beta version 7, but both are still lacking the abillity to change the GUI setings for proper working in evening/night times (even more the possibility of using firefox-themes, which probably would offer a dark theme, are gone, for whatever reason).
So: Please could you finally add a proper Dark Mode for macOS?
I, and certainly many others, would also like to donate for this feature!



Your posting is off-topic here. Read why.

Hello @gabix, merci for your comment - I edited it, so that it would not be off-topic any more, I assume …

People on this site are users like you, so asking for changes doesn’t make sense here. To fix the question, remove all references to “please change xxx” in the title and question body, as well as “lacking”, “NeoOffice” (we don’t care if you bought it or not), donations et cetera. Instead of complaining, tell what you are looking for and ask if anyone knows of a way to do that with LibreOffice. Add links to any related information that you found while researching this topic.

Hello @jimk - I am aware that obviously there is no dark mode, and I am spending my free time to write about this, just BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT LIBREOFFICE IS A GOOD PROJECT, and I really would like to see more people use it. One reason myselve and others I know use other software is just because since years (you can google about it) a simple usability topic like a (missing) dark mode is just only answered in the way you are doing it right now. That does not help this project to grow! I am no coder and cannot contribute directly, but only with talking about it. So its not about asking how to change the GUI of LibreOffice on macOS (different on Linux) to dark mode, as there is no such possibility - If you know one, let me know). Its about speaking about a, as I do understand it, very important missing feature, that prevent people of using a very good cummunity software. If you do know a better place on the official LibreOffice website to talk about this topic, please paste a link!