Count headings in a document

If I have a document where I have a number of sections denoted with Heading 1, what is the method in order to find out how many Heading 1’s I have in the document?

Hello @sabret00the,

In addition to the answer by @ajlittoz, the following macro automatically counts the number of occurrences of a certain paragraph style in your document;

Just call: CountParagraphStyle( “Heading 1” ) to get the number of “Heading 1”'s:

Function CountParagraphStyle( strParagraphStyleName as String ) As Long
REM Returns the number of paragraphs within the current Writer document whose paragraph style equals <strParagraphStyleName>.
	Dim oDoc As Object : oDoc = ThisComponent
	If Not oDoc.SupportsService( "" ) Then Exit Function
    Dim lCount As Long
	Dim oTextItems As Object, oTextItem As Object
	oTextItems = oDoc.Text.CreateEnumeration()
    Do While oTextItems.HasMoreElements
        oTextItem = oTextItems.NextElement
        If oTextItem.SupportsService( "" ) Then	REM found a paragraph.
        	If oTextItem.ParaStyleName = strParagraphStyleName Then lCount = lCount + 1
        End If
    CountParagraphStyle = lCount
End Function

The simplest way is to display the “navigator” [F11 and select the compass or directly the “compass” from the toolbar). You have a Headings with a hierarchical list of Headings x from your document. Just develop only the first level and you have all your Heading 1.

If you’re looking for some way to automatically count their number, I don’t know how to do it. Gurus in macro-ware could answer that.

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