Count if not blank in calc

My spreadsheet has a number of rows and columns that I am using something like this (=COUNTA(F15:F18) to count the values (X) in the column. This particular range is totalling 4 (total of rows), but rows only contain 3 values. This is the only segment in over 100 rows of the spreadsheet that is not working properly. I am using this formula for 4 columns and the others work perfectly. Are there any thoughts about why this is happening on this small portion and what I can do to correct it?

All help is appreciated.Lunch and Tables.ods

From a screenshot it is impossible to determine, whether cell F15 is empty or contains a white space character.

image description

I would be happy to attach the spreadsheet if that is allowed. The countif formula worked, so I am happy with that but would like to know how to determine what value, if any, is in the blank field.

You may attach now using the clip symbol in edit mode (karma assigned):

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the formula doesn’t work in your expected way - technically it works correct - since your cell F15 contains a “white space” (space key) character, which is a non-empty content and considered a value. Just remove the white space using DEL key.

See also the following sheet containing a Conditional Formatting for Cell value is equal to " " to visualize same findings in other cells of the range A1:I132 and where an AutoFilter allows to filter for those cells.


Hope that helps.

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Thanks for all your help. I looked at the spreadsheet above and can see areas highlighted in red, found the conditional formatting and think I could follow that example. I will mark this solved and appreciate your patience.