Count number of cells whose date is less than 24 months old?

Column A contains cells of different dates. I want to:

  • use conditional format to change the background color of the cell to red when it is at least 1 years old

  • have a cell that contains the number of cells in Column A whose dates are less than 24 months old

The former seems straightforward, but how would one implement the latter?


@mikekaganski Thanks. How can the function count only values that are dates? For some of the
cells, they have text like “denied” that is currently counted with the

On a somewhat unrelated note, for the following data:

Person A | P | 1/3/16
Person A | P | denied
Person A | B | 1/3/19
Person A | P | 1/3/20

I want to count number of dates within 24 months only for those those entries
with “P”. Is the canonical/best and/or most efficient way to do the following:
=SUMPRODUCT(C1:C4>EDATE(TODAY(),-24))-SUMPRODUCT(B1:B4="B")? Is there an
alternative I might want to consider in common situations?