Counting Date Occurances

I need to count cells that are on two seperate sreadsheets. The first spreadsheet is organized by date and the second spreadsheet is where data is entered also by date. I need it to be able to detect the different dates from spreadsheet 2 and organize count the occurances of that date in spreadshhet 1. Does that make sense?

Please help!

You can use a formula “date1-date2” and if both dates are the same you’d get result 0, but if not - some number, you can use IF function to enter “0” if dates are the same and 1 if they are not and then you can count how many 1’s you have… I assume that’s what you want - to find out how many dates do not match.

IF(date1-date2=0;0;1) and COUNTIF(range1:range1;1)