courier (.fon) font needed

I need to print some document exactly with courier .fon font. I don’t want any ttf alternatives - I need exactly this font for this one document. Is there a possibility to enable it - because I can’t found it in font list? I can see it in fonts folder, I can use it in wordpad - but I need it in libreoffice calc.

I assume you want to use the original non True Type Courier font in your LO Calc document. Most programs these days only support True Type fonts. As you say the non True Type Courier font shows in Windows Fonts and can be selected in Wordpad - also in Notepad. MS Word does not support it but Excel does.

I created a spreadsheet in Excel using the old Courier and when opened in LO Calc it shows as Courier in the font window so it seems that LO can use this font but not select it for a new document.

Why do you need the old Courier - cant you use the True Type Courier New?