Cover page of Word documents is formatted wrong

Here is an example document:

When above mentioned document is opened in MS Word (in almost any computer and with almost any Word version), the document looks the same. Cover page looks good, page numbers stay the same. Even the PDF, created by MS Word 2010, looks identical to how it looks in MS Word normal display. PDF link here, it shows how the document should look like:

But when the same document is opened in LibreOffice (v3.6.1.2, Build ID e29a214), the cover page formatting is messed up, also other pages are formatted slighty differently and this causes e.g. page numbers to run slighty differently than in Word. These problems appear in all 3GPP documents, thus it is not comfortable to read 3GPP documents with LibreOffice.

Is there any way to configure LibreOffice to honor better MS Word formatting?

Confirm the same problem. You need to report a bug with detailed description, problem file and screenshots (if available). You may simply copy all info from your question and paste into bugreport. Better to attach files directly in bugzilla, do not provide links to external destinations.

Thanks for instructions. I filed a new bug as follows: