covert docx to csv

I have a docx file that i need to convert to a csv file because it have a bunch of names, addresses, email addresses, etc. Is this possible?

Yes it is possible. The main task of computers, for which they were created, is the transformation of data from one form to another. Did you expect a different answer? In this case, your question should contain more information.

Why do you keep data of the kind in a text document?
Why do you need csv now?
Suppose the data are well lined up in columns either using text tables or (at least) systematic tabulating?
(In the second case first convert the tabulated paragraphs to text tables.)
Anyway move (copy/paste) text tables to spreadsheets and export these sheets to csv.

Note that for some uses, you could even use a table in a text document as a data source, without exporting to CSV: e.g., for mail merge (starting from 6.0).