Crash during multiple conversions odt -> pdf

I have 39 Hebrew bible books in ODT format and would like to convert them to PDF. They’re NOT that long (131 kB). Converting all at the same time (*.odt) crashes LibreOffice. When I run LibreOffice in a script on a single call per document, LibreOffice crashes after perhaps 10 books.

I run on a very large Mac Mini M2 Pro, so I’ve got plenty of space. Are there some memory limits that should be set OR can LibreOffice be “cleared” somehow?


Hello Kimball,

I’ll first say that, while your ODTs contain Hebrew - I doubt that the problem you’re facing is with Hebrew specifically.

I also don’t quite understand how you have 39 bibles, as opposed to 39 copies of the bible. The Hebrew bible doesn’t really that many versions… or does it?

Finally I’m not sure I follow what exactly you’re trying to do. If you run LO once per document, it can’t “crash after 10 documents”, since it doesn’t work on 10 documents. Does it crash on some particular document? And - what happens if you open that document normally rather than try to convert it to PDF?

Are you calling something like:

libreoffice --headless --convert-to pdf my_bible.odt


I haven’t done something like this myself, I’ve just noticed this old thread on askubuntu which discusses such conversions. I wonder if the syntax is the same today still.

Dear Eyal Rozenberg,

Thanks for your reply to my query. The 39 items are the books of the Hebrew Bible.

All 39 books convert without crashing by the to PDF… sequence from the application window.

One book, Jeremiah.odt, crashes with the following command line sequence:

/Applications/ --convert-to pdf --outdir …/PDFFiles Jeremiah.odt

I see no error indications, the file name is a coded placeholder. All other 38 books convert perfectly. Even Psalms.odt, another large file, converts perfectly.

Jeremiah.odt has 120,920 bytes and produces Jeremiah.pdf (from the application window) 1,082,342 bytes. Psalms.odt has 131,236 bytes and produces Psalms,pdf (via shell script) of 1,003,794 bytes.

Because the same Jeremiah.pdf operates differently between the application window and the shell, I suspect that some PDF attributes in the Export window differ from those set in the call for the shell script.

I’ve attached Jeremiah.odt, if you’d have time to look at it. All of the .odt files are constructed from XML files with the same software. I’m running on a new, very large Mac Mini M2 Pro.

Thanks and best wishes,


Publisher of the Unicode/XML Leningrad Codex, .

Jeremiah.odt (118 KB)