Crash Reporting

Can I get more information about how the crash reporting system works in please? After a crash, can LO automatically upload a crash report without user input, or is it always done via e.g. a pop-up form requiring user to click a ‘send’ button or similar before anything is uploaded?

Yes, it is always done via a pop-up form requiring user to click a ‘send’ button.

Are there types of crashes where no crash report will be generated at all? I had an abrupt system power off due to power outage while using LO, which I suspect LO categorised this as a “crash”. Upon restarting, I got the document recovery form, but no crash report submission form. This led me to wonder if LO had automatically uploaded a crash report.

Yes there are. It depends if the crashdump was generated by the breakpad; and of course it only works when LibreOffice had crashed in a way the breakpad was able to detect that, and process the state of the program. And of course, a power failure would not be so nice to wait for crashdump to generate (even if that were meaningful in this case, which is not).

So since there’s no data to send, no dialog is shown.