Create a brochure not working correctly

I am trying to create a brochure for which I followed the instructions given in the Libreoffice help section. However it is not printing correctly. I have 4 pages (1, 2, 3, 4) and I would like them printed on double-sided A4 sheet. The folded brochure would be A5 size. The A4 sheet when printed should have Page 4 and Page 1 on one side, and Page 2 and Page 3 on the reverse. This is not happening. I am getting Page 1 with Page 2 on reverse, and then Page 3 and Page 4 are printed on a second sheet of paper.
Please advise.
I am usind Wll and LO Ver In the print dialog I have Odd and even pages, duplex short edge, landscaoe and brochure ticked. Everything as stated in the LO instructions. Document is saved as .docx.

Can that help? :

Printing a Brochure

Please edit your question (don’t use a comment; modify the question itself) to mention OS name, LO version and save format.

Describe exactly how you configured your pages and which options you chose in the print dialog. Attach a sample file for better diagnostic.

Are you choosing Brochure or Pages per sheet?

They were the instructions I followed.

  • What is the format of your pages?

  • Save the file as odt. Reopen the odt file and try again. It might be that there are compatibility settings when you work on a docx format.

  • Workaround: Export to pdf and use the brochure feature of the Acrobat Reader.

Thanks everyone. I have transferred the pages to side by side format so it is now a simple double-sided A4.

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Interesting. What is your goal? Did you want to convert 4 pages of A4 into 8 pages of A5 (two sheets of paper)? Or 4 pages of A4 into 4 pages of A5 brochure (single sheet of paper)?
Do you mean that you made a double column landscape page or you made the page a simple A4 page?
A double column page does not bind with the pages in correct order.
An A5 brochure begins with simple A4 pages, it relies on the the printing to convert it to A5 brochure; then the pages are ordered correctly when folded and bound. Sometimes the printer driver interferes in the brochure process and rotates the pages a second time but I haven’t seen it change the order of pages from what is expected.

What printer brand and model?

4 pages of A4 into 4 pages of A5 brochure (single sheet of paper). All pages were simple A4. The printer is HP Officejet Pro 8720.

I see that the HP 8720 has added the ability to print brochures but have also halved the size of the manual that came with the 8620 (my previous printer) and removed any screenshots of the driver and all important steps.

I find with my replacement Brother printer, which also includes brochure printing, that it is best to use the printer driver to create the brochure otherwise it changes the settings in the LibreOffice dialogue…

  1. In the LibreOffice print dialogue leave it on A4 and Duplex
  2. With the 8720 printer selected, click Properties (near the top)
  3. In the HP 8720 driver screen hunt to find and set the brochure print settings. To quote the totality of the relevant part of the manual:
    • Select the appropriate options on the Printing Shortcut tab.
    • To change other print settings, click the other tabs.
  4. Click OK, click Print

Thanks for that. I didn’t realise the printer had a brochure option. I shall check that out for the next time. For now, I have done it the old fashioned way with columns.