Create a catalogue from a Base database (using merge in Writer)

I want to create a catalogue from a Base database. I have tried using the Merge feature in Writer, as follows: I have created a Write document, placed a table consisting of a single row and 3 columns on the page, and inserted fields to be merged from the Base table into the table cells in the Write document using the Insert>Fields drop down menu. I then chose Print in order to run the merge, and was given the option to create Form Letters. This results a separate page for each record in the database. How do I create a merge document that will merge multiple records to one page?

Any suggestions appreciated.

You might try inserting a table instead of using mail merge.

In your writer document, View/Data Sources (F4). Navigate to your (registered) database and click on the table, query or view to be inserted. Drag the item into your document (or right-click on the item and copy then paste in the document). You will get an Insert Database Columns dialog. Choose to insert a table, choose the fields to insert and set other table properties.

That worked. So simple. Thanks a million!