Create a shortcut to adapt table to relative width page 100%

I have a macro that formats totally a table in libre office writer, except the width, that must be allways to relative 100% of the page. I would like a shorcut or a button to always expand or reduce the table to fit 100% of page width.
My work process now is:
1- Execute macro.
2- Open properties of the table with right click.
3. Click on relative and writting 100 % by hand.
4. Apply

If this is not possible, it will help knowing a shorcut to open table properties via keyboard.


I think it is not possible with actual API. There are two properties for it, but the error message will occur if macro try set these properties.

Sub relativeTableWidth
	dim oDoc as object, oTable as object, oVCur as object
	oVCur=oDoc.CurrentController.ViewCursor 'visible cursor
	if NOT isEmpty(oVCur.TextTable) then 'cursor is in table
		with oVCur.TextTable
'			.IsWidthRelative=true 'error msgbox
'			.TableColumnRelativeSum=10000 '100% 'error msgbox
		end with
	end if
End Sub