Create auto entry in Calc


I need to set up monthly entries in calc, is there an easy way of doing it, to make sure I dont forget to enter them myself?



Please don’t create new tags by the hundreds. Tags are supposed to help users and contributors to roughly filter the huge heap of all the questions,
One or two tags should be good. One predefined tag is mandatory anyway. In your case it should be calc in the first place. A reasonable second tag might be automate, but if a rag automation or automating or the like allready exist, you should prefer it.

Any spreadsheet document containing formulas should be completely recalculated during the process of loading and creating the view. (There may be an exception concerning external links.)
On that occasion everything formulas can do is usable. Assume a cell in the sheet needing to be processed has a formula like =IF(NOW()-Max(C$2:C$10001)>1;"Last entry older than one day!";""), and column C contains the date-time-stamps of previous entries, then the formula will alert you if a full day passed without an entry added.

To trigger additional action, you will need specialized code (“macro”). Actions performed by macros called from a routine running for the evaluation of a formula, are restricted, however, and may get suppressed depending on the circumstances.

To execute an arbitrary action, you can also call a routine based on one of the document events as listed under >Options>Customize>Events.