Create .doc then open with LibreOffice. Templates ignored?

Hi Folks,

Right click on the desktop and create “New Microsoft Word Document”, but don’t open it. Now right-click → “Open with LibreOffice”.

This sequence seems to ignore all templates. I have “” and “” configured to use a sans-serif font, but regardless of what I do, I will have a document with a default serif font.

After writing the above problem, I realized that I never tried an initial opening with Microsoft Word. In Word I get a sans-serif font, and after I exit Word and open in LibreOffice, the fonts carry over.

So, it appears I’ve found a bug… But more to the point, if a Word document has no attached template, where does LibreOffice look to get one? Shouldn’t I get my designated “default” template?

Thanks for the help,


Do you expect any default template to be applied on an existing document?

See tdf#139991 for some background. Note that “New Microsoft Word Document” is not a valid Microsoft Word document; that that is not an item created by LibreOffice; that in recent versions, we now started to handle those invalid 0-byte files according to the extension; and that applying a template to such files is not even worked on.