Create hard lines of X length in Writer

I have a long text document, currently correctly wrapping, that I want to save as text with lines of 55-65 characters and hard line breaks. (I’m converting back into that txt format that people try to remove line breaks FROM.)

Ideal length is 55-65 characters, but a line can go to 70 characters if required. I do not want to divide words between lines.

How can I do this, aside from manually entering paragraph breaks on each line?

(Currently using Writer

OK, I’m not used to this format of Q&A, so I’m commenting rather than answering my own question. qubit, your answer worked - I gave it to my programmer husband, and he did it for me. :wink: Thanks!

@TriciaG – Thanks for letting us know that your question was answered! Please come back anytime :slight_smile:

Hi @TriciaG,

If you’re on a unix-y system, you could:

  • Copy your text into emacs
  • Select the whole buffer
  • Use CTRL-Q to reindent

Okay, okay, so not everyone is a programmer :slight_smile: The fold command might also be helpful for you:

FOLD(1)                          User Commands                         FOLD(1)

       fold - wrap each input line to fit in specified width

       fold [OPTION]... [FILE]...

       Wrap  input  lines in each FILE (standard input by default), writing to
       standard output.

Do you have any long URLs or anything word/string that is longer than 60 chars? If so, those very long strings might wrap: