Created writer document then couldn't find it in computer, it was not a file but was in app roaming whatever that is

I have Windows 10 and just upgraded to LibreOffice 5.0. Have never had this problem before. Discovered it when I went to send it as an attachment in an email, and couldn’t locate it in my files. How can I change this so that when I save a document, I can save it to a hard file in a folder where I want it and can find it when I need it?

You can change the default path where LO will save all documents. Go to Tools | Options | LibreOffice | Paths; click on My Documents; click on Edit - a dialog window will open to allow you to navigate to and select the location where you want to save files by default.

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Bingo! THANKS!!! Where can a person find a tutorial to know how to do this?