Creating a date column with 2 weeks added to each previous date cell

I’d like to create a column in the easiest and fastest way possible. Typing a specific date and adding 2 weeks to each cell…for example,
Cell1: 07/03/2016
Cell2: 21/03/2016
Cell3: 04/04/2016 and so on.

How can I do that?

Format the column for Date.

Enter the first date in a cell.

Select the cells you want to auto-fill, including the first cell.

Go Sheet (in v5.1) / Fill Cells / Series. Select Date, Day, and increment by 14

Incidentally: in v 5.1 “Fill Cells” moved from the Edit Menu (in v 5.0) to the Sheet Menu.

Rugslug - thank you. I will correct “Select” to Sheet, which is what I meant.

If original date will change you can calculate the other dates using =SUM(A1,14) where A1 is the starting date location and 14 is the number of days to increment by.

Two more ways:

Have your first two dates in the first two cells. Select them both. Then left click on the little black square in the bottom right of the bottom cell. Drag it down as necessary. It will increment based on the difference between the two cells.

Cell A1 is your date.
in cell A2, use the formula:


Then copy/drag it down as required.