Creating a dictionary from scratch, LO doesn't find it anywhere

I’m creating a new Ladin dictionary, specific for two dialects of it. This means I have to create the .aff and .dic files and everything, but I’m actually having a hard time finding anything that truly explains how to let LO read it! I’ve already made the .oxt folder and used it to install the dictionary by double clicking on it. Now I have the dictionay on the Extension Manager but nowhere else.

I tried reinstalling LibreOffice, twice, because I had an error in AppData->Roaming->LibreOffice->4-> folders here. Now it is solved, but still, can’t switch from English-us to my dictionary wherever I go. For example, I went on Writer and checked down on the page, clicked on the language, clicked on “More”, then “Language” and my dictionary is not there.
Also, if I go Tools → For all the text → More, both in “Language” and “Linguistics”, can’t find my dictionary.

What am I missing? I’m on Windows 10 btw, LO 7.0.3

This thread might be useful: Is it possible to create a Pāli dictionary for Libreoffice?

I tried the solution on your thread but it didn’t help me. I added the dictionaries to the paths I found on Tool>Options>Paths, but still can’t find the new language on the spell check

What do you mean under tried the solution?

I added the dictionaries to the paths I found on Tool>Options>Paths

This is absolutely useful. Where did you get it from?