Creating a new related record

Hello everybody,

Let’s say I have a table named Clients and an other one named Invoices which are related (but it could be anything like Director/Movie, Patient/Consultation…)

I want to be able with a button to create a new invoice when I’m in any record of the table Clients.
How do I proceed : is there a LO buit-in way of doing so or do I have to create a macro or anything else ?


Pascal from France, on a Mac


Please when posting, include specific LO version being used and in the case of Base, the database in use (HSQLDB embedded, Firebird embedded, MySQL PostgreSQL etc).


You really don’t need a button or macro to run a report based upon a particular record (Client). This can be done with a parameter in a query. Much of this is in the LO documentation found here → LibreOffice Base Handbook.

If you insist on this button method, then you would need to use a macro. Macros need specific information. Details from various parts of the Base file so specifics cannot be presented. However here are posts, including samples, which are related:

How to use a form button to open a report

Create report based on inputs of current form - LO Base


Thanks for your help, I’ll look at the documentation and do my best.


Mac Mojave, LO Version:, HSQLDB embedded.