Creating a "portal" in Libre Base

I’m exploring the idea of moving from Filemaker Pro to Libre Base.
In FMP I have a layout for cakes.
On that layout is what FMP calls a “portal” linking to an ingredients table which shows each ingredient which goes into that type of cake, and the number of grams of that ingredient.
It seems setting up tables and linking them is pretty much the same as FMP, but can someone please tell me what this “portal” is called in Libre Base.


Only vague knowledge of Filemaker Pro so terms elude me.

Look at the documentation here → LibreOffice Base Guide

Chapter 3 Tables has a section on Relationships.

Chapter 4 Forms has a section on Main Forms and Sub Forms.

This should give you the information you are looking for.

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Thanks for the reply Ratslinger. Yes, looks like “Sub Forms” is the function I’m looking for.
In my example in my post, Cakes will be the Main form and Sub Form will shoe the ingredients.
Very helpful.