Creating a style with bullets but doesn't update

I’m trying to modify the indent of a bullet but whenever I want to save the style with that indent it doesn’t work. It goes back to whatever was on the first place and changing the style does nothing:

image description

Here i set the indent to 2 cm but the bullets stay in their position.
And if I change it manually and update the style the bullets go back to their original position.

Indents of a numbered/bulleted paragraph are controlled by numbering properties, not by paragraph properties.

A bulleted or numbered list is a composite object controlled by a paragraph style and a list style (in fact a numbering style). The associated list style takes over nearly every setting related to left paragraph limit (in left-to-right languages). Consequently, the indent of the paragraph style is disabled. Tuning indentation must be done in the “list” style.

What you are looking for may be found in two locations.

  • Your list is created with toolbar buttons (direct formatting)

    The default list style is parameterised by Format>Bullets & Numbering, Position tab.

  • Your list is styled according to a custom user-defined style

    Display the style sidepane with F11. Click on the fifth small icon in the toolbar (List Styles). Right-click on the used style name and Modify. Go to Position tab.

In both cases, play and experiment with the various settings until you’re satisfied.

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