Creating form(s) in BASE question(s)


I want to create forms in BASE but I don’t want to use the wizard. How do I bind an entry field to a field in a table?

Better yet, is there a way to select a field in a table and put in directly on a form?

Thanks for you help!


My answer is based on LibreOffice Version:

Hello Dave!

If you do not wish to make use of the Form Wizard. Choose Create Form in Design View….
To bind a form field to a specific table field you first need to set a data source for the Form. This is done in the forms properties:
Assuming that you already have one or more form controls in the form. Right click a form control and choose Form. This opens the Form Properties dialog. Select the Data tab, choose Content type and Content. Now right click on a form control and choose Control. This opens the properties dialog for the control. Once again choose the Data tab, choose the Data field. that you want to tie this control to in the data source that was selected for the underlying/parent form.

If you wish to get all of that done without tying it all together manually like above then use the Form Design toolbar, tool Add Field. This toolbar icon is by default on the toolbar above the status bar at the bottom end of the window. The tool symbol is 4 black horizontal lines with a tiny green rectangle over it,

When you add a field using the AddField tool it will choose a default form control to represent the data source’s field to which it is linked. To change the type of control assigned you can right click the control and choose Replace with. This allows you to convert a control from one type to another, as per your preference.

If you want to expand on these instructions I suggest you read the Base handbook:

You will also at some stage want to get into Sub forms. You should also get familiar with the tool called Form Navigator, especially when dealing with sub forms.