Creating Form with wizard crash libo base


LibreOffice crashed when I use Wizard to create form with a postgresql database.
I already installed jre-8u221-linux-i586.rpm and it is visible in the advanced setting.

Could sone tell me what happens and solutions ?

When start libo in command line, some times a message appear:

javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment!
Warning: failed to read path from javaldx

I use 5.2.4 then moved to 6.2.7 but problems remain.

Thank you


You do not need Java to run Base with PostgreSQL. However you also then will not be able to use Report Builder or the Wizards without Java installed.

If the Advanced section is showing a Java version, is it selected? Circle to left of Java should be have a dot in the circle. If not, just left mouse click in the circle to select then save and restart LO.

Otherwise, the Java you noted is 32-bit. It may be your version of LO is 64-bit. The Java version must match bitwise. Install a 64-bit Java. See → Frequently asked questions - General

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my system was 100% 32bits. To solve problem I moved to a new fresh installation of 64bits linux with L.O and JRE 64bits. Now wizard form works.

Another option was to install 32-bit LO.