Creating pdf from multiple images

I came across an answer to this question here: Open multiple images and save them as one ODF or PDF file

However, since it’s an older answer I wanted to provide my own approach that I found more recently. I use LibreOffice Draw to open the images. You can open the images into a page. You can create new pages by right-clicking in the pages section and selecting the new page option. Then you can drag your images into a page and export as pdf.

I recommend using lossless compression to preserve image quality during the export. My use case was combining multiple scanned paystubs into a single pdf with some information redacted. I imported the .png files from my scanner into Draw, redacted the information with rectangles over sensitive areas, and then exported to .pdf with lossless compression. If screenshots of the process would be helpful, let me know and I can follow up with another comment! Fortunately I found the LibreOffice suite to be very intuitive so far. Amazing work by the LibreOffice developers and maintainers.

Thanks for sharing your solution. Note however, that you created an own, unanswered question; it is separate from the original one, and so people reading that one would not see yours.

Unfortunately, unreasonable closing of old question results in such mishaps. I reopened that question now; please consider posting your solution there as an answer, and deleting this “question”.

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You got it mike, this was exactly my thought and I’m really glad you were able to reopen that. Will move this there. <3

I posted the solution as an answer on the link but do not have delete capabilities for this question. Please feel free to delete it with your moderator powers, since I like your idea of moving the solution and deleting this “Question.” Thanks again mike!!!