Creating pdf with multiple pictures

Valued team and members here,

My person trusts, having taken an account, that it is welcome to approach and ask a question in regard of the use of libre office here.

How would it be possible, if possible, to create a pdf file, using for example Draw, from serial jpg-files at once, without inserting one by one?

(Clarifying addition: multiple image files to each a page. Example: Getting 100 images of book pages, scanned, as a smooth draw-file and export it after editing.)

I think an easy solution using Impress and Menu/Insert/Media/Photo album.

When using PhotoAlbum you can additionally insert little comments at the bottom of each page. If not, the textbox won’t be created as an object in the PDF file.
You also can determine the solution of bitmap generation for scaling the needed file space.

Appreciation Mr. Mario,
that should work (having had no idea that this action might be found under media).

Appreciation, Herr @Grantler, for additional tips.