Creating Your Own Book - Help- Dimensions (Safety Line, Trim Line, Bleed Line).

Does anyone know how to create a safety line, trim line and bleed line into LibreOffice? Is there anyways to have it on the page while writing and then subtracting it from every page all together?

Here is a little more info below, and any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Okay. So I have been doing a lot of research. I would like to create my own e-books, as well as my own paperback and hardbacks. So the normal route for physical copies of books to be made would to get a publisher or to bind them yourself. Both tedious processes and fairly difficult to do. I would like to publish myself, but instead of binding them on my own. I found a site, “,” for print-on-demand used solely for publishing. Digging more into it, when handing over the dimensions to them, I have to fit within certain constraints. Which is fine and dandy, but I need to within what’s called a safety line (no text shall surpass this), a trim line (where the cover actually ends), and a bleed line (there will be fractions difference between each page, they can not get them exactly the same so this is for what ever art work may be on the page will go to this line so that there is no possibility of white space in between).