Crop handles not showing correctly

I have tried 3 different versions of LibreOffice in my work laptop, in all of them I have the same issue when trying to crop an image using the handles… Only 6 out of 8 actually show, they show corrupted, and the image is uneditable from the points where no handle is shown…

Anybody else getting a similar issue?
Worst part is, it works perfectly fine in my personal laptop.
I have compared installations, and setting and there is no difference…

LO version on work laptop is the latest one 7.1.2 I tried 7.0.5 and 6.4.7 and I had the same issue.
LO version on personal laptop is 7.0.4

I tried to restart in safe mode, and tried a couple of different setting there, but nothing changed.

I asked the IT support for help, and they wiped the HD and made a new windows install…
Sadly, the problem remains.
I tried the solution provided by Hagar, but it only changed the color of the handles, nothing else.

Any other ideas… anyone?

Edit your question to mention LO versions on the computers. Have you tried to restart in safe mode or to reset your LO user profile?

Can you tell the technical configuration differences between your laptops? Add to your question version information from Tools>About LO. The important setting is VCL. Which are the Graphics Output settings in Tools>Options, LibreOffice>View. Is OpenGL enabled in OS configuration?

Try to play with the options in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View (graphics output).

You can try another icon theme also, but quite unlikely I think.

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Maybe a comment.

Let’s see.

Honestly, I don’t see why it should not be an answer. Someone yesterday had a similar issue with the start center and it worked. It may not be the fix, agreed but nevertheless, it is a possible fix.

What is wrong with proposing solution exactly? Many users in this site seem shy to propose something, some even give the solution in comments, and the OP posts the reply with the solution (like a forum), thus, no way to tag the topic as answered. Power users also don’t have the courage to mark an answer as the good one.

The point of an Ask site is NOT to have a SINGLE answer AFAIK. Let’s post the proposals and the check marks and the votes will do the sorting.

Hey Hagar, thank you for the idea… I actually tried it, but the handles still show incorrectly, just with a color change.
I asked the IT support for help, and he wiped the laptop, just in case it might be a lingering thing from previous installations, but the problem remains the same… sigh.

Can you try a portable version of LO? I’ve never seen that.

Any specific screen application layer like an OEM graphic card thing that could have adverse effect in rendering? Like graphical acceleration.

I solved it, but I think it’s a bug.
I checked the different configurations on both laptops and the only difference (besides hardware) was the windows scaling. They both have HD 1080 displays, but my laptop as a bigger screen, so the scaling was set to 125%, work laptop was set at 150%… i changed the scaling to 125%, restarted LO and problem solved!

I still find it bizarre, it would seem to me that scaling should not affect that much, but it does… no I only have to change the size of icons and text within LO, and not rely on Windows’s scaling.

Thanks for the help and the comments!

What are the graphics cars? Drivers?