Crop image by specifying inches?

I am currently using LibreOffice In older versions of LibreOffice used to be able to crop images in LibreOffice Impress with a dialog window where I can specify how many inches to crop from each side of the image. It appears that in the new interface I have to use manual sliders to crop images. Is there a way of finding out/specifying how many inches I’ve cropped?

This matters to me because I would like to crop a set of similarly formatted images by exactly the same amount.

The reply from RGB-es got me pointed in the right direction. What actually worked on my computer (running Ubuntu) was:
Format → Image → Crop image…

Oh, yes, I don’t remember if it was on 5.2 or 5.3 that the path changed to Format → Crop dialog, on previous version it was as you said.

In 6.4 it’s Format → Image → Crop dialog…

You’ll find the option under Format → Crop dialog.