cropping multiple pages in a PDF file

I am looking for the following functionality:
after loading a multipage scanned document in PDF I would like to apply cropping all pages at once. crop rectangle would be selected based on the first page.
The main use case is when scanning books that are smaller than standard letter format, I want to remove ugly dark margins.
Can anyone please let me know if this functionality is already implemented in LibreOffice. I could not find it by looking through the help documentation.

Maybe playing with a page format that let’s dark borders out, exporting then as pdf.

Open PDF in Draw and right click on an empty portion of a page, choose Page → Page setup. Set dimensions. Draw will resize all pages in a document. But you might need to reposition image/text on every page. Don’t know what operating system are you using, but you could try GhostScript.

@b87lar: would you mind to let me know for what reason you want to open that pdf produced by a scanner with LibO? After all ‘Draw’ is not an adequate pdf reader and not at all a usable pdf editor, IMO.

You might try ScanTailor which is intended for this type of function. ImageMagick could also be used and may give more options to improve the apearance of the scanned document.

I know this is late to the party, but for anyone finding this in the future, Briss is a program that has just this functionality (and exists only for this functionality). It handles large documents very well. It’s hosted on Sourceforge.