Cross-hair display on chart

I am using 2 stock charts (one is candlestick and second is stochastics - line chart) one below the another.

It would be great if a cross-hair can be displayed so that I can correlate the two charts.
Is that possible?



I found one solution.
Maybe, this is useful to somebody else also.

www dot mlin dot net
click on “CrossHair” link on left side.

This small application creates a cross-hair (for any application, not only LOffice).
But this is for Windows only.
Anybody knows how to do it on Linux box?


The package tklib contains a crosshair module that can be used with a Tk canvas: tklib/modules/crosshair at master · tcltk/tklib · GitHub This type of crosshair can evidently also be done using Java:

@oweng, thank you for your input. But this link talks about cross-hair on a canvas widget (may not be for any desktop application.). Re. the Java link, I am a python programmer & know little about java :frowning:

May I recommend to file an enhancement request by using the bug report form:

sure. I will do it immediately. Thanks.

Bug 66848 - cross-hair display on chart

on the enhancement page, one person says that — “Maybe you can play with a third chart putting it over the two other, with a transparent background.”. That means at least on single chart, I can get a cross-hair? How?