[crosspost] What interface or service for utf encode decode

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Are there services / interfaces commissioned to encode in / decode from utf (8 / 16)?
The software is obviously capable to do it on import / export. How is the kind of task represented in the uno-api? I cannot find respective entries in LibreOffice: Namespace List (e.g.).

The only thing I could find in the UNO API is the IO streaming services at Module io.

Most programming languages have Unicode encoding capability built-in, for example, Unicode HOWTO — Python 3.9.6 documentation. The main project I support currently is an LO extension that relies heavily on Unicode encoding and decoding. It is written in Python and uses an external C# application for advanced conversion, for example, to convert from Tamil script to Malayalam script.

I could post an example of how to change the encoding of kurviger.de/?point=München&point=Београд in Python or Java. However, I read through your post on forum.openoffice.org and was unable to determine clearly what you want to do with the string.

@jimk: Thank you for your interest.
As so often I was interested mainly in understandig. The behaviour of Firefox (Not to speak of Iexplore!) when copying a URI to the clipboard baffled me.
On the other hand, using Firefox I don’t need to encode for URI going to the browser. It’s done there. However, I don’t know what browser a “client” of mine will use.
On the third hand I want to also implement an analysis of URI returned by the service provider, and this requires %utf-8>to>character.