ctrl+d is not working in my sheet?

When i do operations in my sheet. ctrl+d is not working properly. if i select multiple columns it won’t work. pls give us a solution.


Could you give more details on how you proceed and on your platform (os - version) ?


Thanks for your response. process is, first of all, I select cell ‘a1’ and I drag to ‘a10’. i press the shortcut ctrl+d… its working. If I select multiple columns(more than 1000) the shortcut ‘ctrl+d’ is not working.


I do not reproduce:

Starting with:


After Ctrl+D (or Sheet > Fill Cells > Down) :

image description

On the other hand, you may be in the case where the cells of the first row are empty (after A1). In this case, the filling is not done because, as the menu indicates, it is a filling down.

If this is your case, the solution is to select the range, enter the value to be reproduced and validate by Alt + Enter.