ctrl f7 not working

Greetings from New Zealand,

Up until very recently I used to use Ctrl F7 to open the Thesaurus in Writer, about a month, or more, ago it suddenly stopped working, I can still go Alt T and then T to do the same, however as I have been performing the “Ctrl F7” key press for years and years, (a very long time), there is a certain muscle memory, neural pathway, whatever you call it, and often I find I press Ctrl F7 and then wonder why nothing has happened.

Yeah, I’m a slow learner.

This is not a huge issue, just wondering if there is something I may have ticked / unticked which has done this heinous thing.

Uncertain if it is related, about the same time the on screen appearance of LO changed and now has what I recall Windows looked like, I haven’t used Windows since Windows 2K, so I am relying on very rusty memory when I say “what Windows looked like”.

However, here are my System specs

Asus laptop
O/S Linux Mint 18 on Cinnamon
LO version

Thank you for any assistance

Ctrl F7 works in Ubuntu 6.04 with Writer Version:…

Please test on Menu/Tools/Customized, how the combination it’s assigned.