Ctrl+Shift+E in LO

Our company uses a set of python macros (with a new toolbar) to trigger some actions.
One of the button has Ctrl+Shift+E Accelerator assigned. WIth upgrade to LO 5.X version, this accelerator stopped working. The current behaviour is that after such key-combination, the content of the cell is deleted and replaced with lowercase “e”.

The previous versions of LO, i.e. 3.X and 4.X did not suffer from such behaviour. Assigning command to a different key combination solves the problem, but our users are used to C+S+E.
We were not able to find out any settings or any difference in between version.

Does anyone know what is C+S+E used for or what has changed in version 5.X?

When I right-click on the “Standard” toolbar in the DE-UI and select “Customize Toolbar”, the “Customize” dialog box appears. Scroll there in the “Keyboard” tab. For Ctrl + Shift + E there is “Record” defined. Possibly. it is the recording of macros.

With me Win-10-1803, LO-Version 6.0.6.

It’s to record changes in the change tracking mode actually.

I found a “change tracking mode” on google. Just it seem it is not configurable.?

Why, it is configurable like any other shortcut.