Ctrl+Shift+U+hexcode not working in Writer comments on Ubuntu - bug or feature?

On Linux, I frequently use Ctrl+Shift+U+numeric UTF-8 character codes to insert special symbols like accented letters which are not on my keyboard. While this works fine in the Writer text window, it ceased to do so apparently in the Writer comments inserted with “Insert comment” in more recent versions of Writer (in my case on Ubuntu Linux 22.10). Does anybody know whether this is intended for some reason, or if it should be reported as a bug? I did not have the opportunity to test if this is Ubuntu-specific or does apply also to other Linux versions of Writer.
Cheers, Ulf.

Not an answer, just comment: as far as I know, the code that you type is not UTF-8, but Unicode code point.

There’s an Alt+X feature in LibreOffice, but indeed, OS-provided stuff should also work, so please do file a bug.

Thank you, @mikekaganski !! Will report the bug later.
Cheers, Ulf

Why not use the international layout?

Thanks for the comment. This is definitively also an option – I use a German keyboard which had all the accents I needed with AltGr combinations, but then someone decided that the “~” would no longer be available as an accent (superposed on other letters) and I found that learning a few Unicode codes was less troublesome than redefining the key mapping … Also, I regularly use characters like narrow spaces (" ", U202f), which are not included in the usual keyboard layouts, as far as I know.

Then modify your layout or add compose sequences. Linux is flexible there :slight_smile:

After searching more intensively, I found that this bug has already been reported:


@gabix: Of course, I’ve done that before … But nevertheless the Unicode input method shouldn’t fail :wink: