Current date in a frame or field?

I create a business letter by Din676-B and have to put the Date at a specific place on the document for that.

When I try to insert the date via INSERT → FIELD or INSERT → FRAME all buttons are greyed out. It seams that it is not possible to put a changing date inside Fields or Frames.

Question is how can I insert a changing Date at a specific location?

(I don’t know how to do macros or such things jet, so please keep that in mind when you explain how to solve this. thank you)

Your question is unclear from the very beginning.

First, you write about “specific place”. What is that place? Is that important? (Following suggests that yes.)

Next, trying to insert a field into an empty Writer document (to reproduce the problem), I see active menu items - that’s possibly what you meant by “buttons”?

And then, you write that “it’s not possible to put a changing date inside Fields or Frames” - are you inserting something inside them, or are you inserting them?

Hello hardy, to insert a Date Field in your Writer document, you could do this:

1) select the main menu "Insert:Field:More Fields..."
2) in the dialog that pops up, in the listbox "Type", select the item called "Date",
3) in the listbox "Select", select the item called "Date"
4) in the listbox "Format", select your prefered display format for your date,
5) click on the button "Insert"
6) click on the button "Close" to close the dialog.

Thank you I will try this when I’m at my computer and come back to tell if I was able to get it to work.

This does work in the main text field but also does not work in a box that I can position at a specific place. I than can go to fields but everything is still greyed out there. In Din676-B the Date has to be put at a specific place on the page (in millimetres). If you start a business in Germany you should use Din676-B in some cases. I hope I get this to work because I’m not a fan of M$-Word to be honest but also don’t want to put the date in all the letters I have to write every day. :frowning:

hello hardy, in my LO Writer i can add a Frame and put the automated Date Field in there:

1) Select the main menu “Insert:Frame:Frame...”,
2) In the dialog that pops up, click the OK-button,
3) Click inside the newly created Frame ( a blinking text cursor appears ),
4) There you can copy-paste the automated Date Field that you created earlier.

I am such a fool sometimes, I didn’t noticed that my old LO didn’t auto update so I assumed incorrectly I had a new version. -.-
Thanks a lot to help me out of my misery, sometimes I am too stupid to get out there. ^^
Everything worked like you described it.