"Current Time" changes to different format upon opening Writer document

When I insert the current time field into a Writer document 11:26 PM, it inserts correctly. When I subsequently re-open the same Writer document, the current time format changes to 23:26 A12/P12. I have tried re-inserting the current time field as both Time (Fixed) and as Time, yet the filed continues to change back to 23:26 A12/P12.

How can I keep this from happening?

What is the file format? I have a similar issue when I save a file to DOCX.

Spoken aside:
Consider to abolish AM/PM time formats. HH:MM or HH:MM:SS format (24 hours) is reasonable and internationally approved.

I am using the DOCX format.

As for “abolishing AM/PM time formats”, I have no problems doing that. It’s just the rest of my country (USA) that is clinging to it, and it causes confuson when I deal with my customers, family, complete strangers, and co-workers.

Let’s just solve the OOXML vs. PDF case, and live happily ever after.

There’s no hope concerning TOD, Date, “Imperial” units…

There’s always hope. Our country was at least able to get rid of our former President. :slight_smile: