Cursor jumps to beginning of document when I click in certain places


I have an ODT document open in Writer (Libreoffice, Ubuntu 18.04), and I’m having a problem where, if I click certain regions of the text, the cursor will jump to the beginning of the document. I can’t determine what’s unique about those areas or the beginning of the document that is making this happen. I see nothing strange in the Formatting Marks, and there are no hyperlinks or bookmarks in this document.

Has anyone ever seen this before? If not, does anyone have any troubleshooting advice? I’m trying a bunch of random things to make it go away, but I haven’t found the trick, yet.

Edit: I’ve traced it to the fact that the first page is numbered 56, as opposed to page 1. However, I still haven’t figured out how to make the document start from page 56 without the jumping behavior occurring.


Have you also enabled View>Field Shadings?

Yes, I have, but nothing is popping out at me when I toggle that, in either the top of the document or the areas that are causing the jumping.

Can you reduce the document to 2-3 pages and still exhibiting the problem? If so, attach it to your question for examination, explaining where to click.

I’m working around the problem by making it start at page number 1 instead of 56.